The Nuvi 3590LMT has a 5-inch LCD screen. Notable features include Bluetooth hands-free calling, a photo viewer, a trip computer, multi-destination routing, an exit guide, reality view, and lane assistance. This unit is preloaded with maps covering the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. 5-inch screen is super easy to see and read. Map upload quickly when you start Garmin. The split screen the exit super helpful. Also, Garmin lets you know which lane (s) that you want and the direction you will take. For example, if you have two left turn lanes you will see two arrows to the left and three direct and one would be right. IF you want to turn left, the two left turn arrows will be highlighted in dark blue
below are other interesting features garmin NUVI 3590 LMT

  • Dual-orientation 5.0″ color touchscreen
  • Subscription-Free Garmin 3D Digital Traffic updates as often as every 30 seconds
  • Multi-touch glass display with pinch to zoom
  • Hands-free calling compatible
  • Safe texting capable, reads text messages to you,Limited 1-Year parts and labor warranty


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Garmin nuvi 3590lmt Description

This Garmin nuvi 3590lmt has many advanced are some them:

Thanks to Garmin Guidance 3.0, FREE lifetime Digital 3D traffic¹ and map² updates, advanced lane guidance and much more, nüvi 3590LMT provides the most comprehensive navigation capabilities available in our thinnest 5″ high resolution touchscreen navigator.

Navigate By Touch or By Voice

With its innovative voice-activated navigation, you can control nüvi 3590LMT with your voice — allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel. Simply wake up nüvi with a customizable voice command and begin speaking menu options that are clearly displayed on the screen. You also can control the nüvi using its high-resolution 5″ (12.7 cm) glass touchscreen.

Garmin Guidance 3.0 allows you to quickly look up addresses and services and be guided to your destination with voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions that speak street names. It comes preloaded with maps that feature 3-D landmarks and terrain for North America. It also comes preloaded with more than 8 million points of interest (POIs) and offers the ability to add your own.

Know the Lane Before It’s Too Late

Now there’s no more guessing which lane you need to be in to make an upcoming turn. Available in select metropolitan areas, photoReal junction view makes unfamiliar intersections and exits easy to navigate. When you approach an exit or interchange, nüvi 3590LMT will enter split screen mode and show you a realistic depiction of junctions on your route, complete with road signs and arrows that indicate the proper lane for navigation. Bird’s Eye junction view also is included for a top-down look at upcoming complex interchanges.

Go Beyond Navigation

Point-to-point navigation is just the beginning. Share information and Live Services between nüvi 3590LMT and your compatible Android phone with Garmin Smartphone Link. nüvi 3590LMT also includes Garmin Digital 3D Traffic which delivers traffic updates as often as 30 seconds over the HD Radio system. That’s up to 10 times more often than other traffic receivers. With Garmin Digital 3D Traffic, you get all the advantages of our extensive Garmin Traffic avoidance system, plus 2 to 3 times more road coverage than our Garmin traffic offering over RDS.
The built-in microSD™ card slot lets you store and use detailed cityXplorer™ maps or download custom voices and vehicles for free from the Garmin Garage™. It also comes with a powered mount that charges while you drive as well as dual-orientation functionality that lets you hold your nüvi vertically or horizontally for added convenience driving or walking. And for added convenience and safety, built-in Bluetooth® connectivity lets you make and take hands-free calls and texts.³
“Where Am I?” emergency locator provides your exact latitude and longitude coordinates, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations and more. And Enhanced Exit Services tells you what services you’re approaching on the highway.

Garmin’s nuvi 3590 LMT ships with the following items in the box:

  • nüvi 3590LM (the “T” in “LMT” model name refers to the traffic cable included in the package)
  • Preloaded City Navigator® NT North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)
  • Lifetime maps¹ and traffic² (indicated by “LMT” after model number on the box)
  • Digital 3D traffic receiver with vehicle power cable (vehicle power cable is traffic receiver)
  • Quick release powered mount³
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual

Safe Navigation Features

Bluetooth® wireless technology Yes (includes Safe Texting)
Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe) Yes
Where Am I? (find closest hospitals, police & gas stations, nearest address & intersection) Yes
Enhanced pedestrian navigation (guides you as you walk around town) yes.
Photo navigation (navigate to geotagged photos) Yes
View upcoming points of interest along route Yes
Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest) Yes
Garmin Lock™ (anti-theft feature) No

Customizable Features

Garmin Garage™ vehicles compatible (download car-shaped icons to your device) Yes
Garmin Garage™ voices compatible (download custom voices to your device) Yes
MP3 player No
Audio book player Yes

Maps & Memory

Preloaded street maps Yes
Includes lifetime map updates Yes
nüMaps Guarantee yes
3-D terrain view Yes
3-D buildings and landmarks view Yes
Built-in memory yes
Accepts data cards yes microSD™ card (not included)
Waypoints/favorites/locations 1000

Garmin nuvi 3590lmt in the Box:

  • nüvi 3590LM (the “T” in “LMT” model name refers to the traffic cable included in the package)
  • Preloaded City Navigator® NT North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)
  • Lifetime maps¹ and traffic² (indicated by “LMT” after model number on the box)
  • Digital 3D traffic receiver with vehicle power cable (vehicle power cable is traffic receiver)
  • Quick release powered mount³
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual

Garmin nuvi 3590lmt  review

Here is one of honest testimonial user garmin 3590 lmt that already purchase and use this GPS.


Richard Glass (Tampa Fl.)


great product would never leave home with out it. i have had many other garmin pnd before and i have been thrilled about everyone,this is the most advanced of them all.i live where the downtown has lots of one way streets and at night this is a super machine,also during the day you must get new maps which are free at least once a year,they come out every 4 months and if you sign up for email they will notify you.Richard G Tampa Fl.

Must Have GPS for Automotive Travel

 Rohit Singh “Littlebit” (USA)


Looks feels great, very sensitive quickly starts. Bad sound like any cheap cell phone, painful mount keep dropping if you don’t make sure it snapped properly. BTW release button is at the bottom if that touches the bottom unit drops. What irritates me it takes few try may be a drop or two of unit (thats not good) before unit snaps to the mount and you keep touching screen Ooops!!!! , it’s not easy for me tho. Wait for price drop if you can :)
Updating: Wow, it has great voice command feature, just loving it :) You just need to speak “Voice Command”, it activates, to exit just say exit :) so simple, it also worked with loud music on. If you follow this sequence its easy, like I was trying “Albertsons” for grocery it was not giving right results instead if you follow this example sequence it works great. Say:Voce Command –> Say:Grocery –> Say:Albertsons –> Say:Go –> Say:New Route !!DONE!! Hurray no need to touch screen :)

A keeper. Good instructions, great graphics, very responsive.

 Sam (USA)


I’ve returned every GPS in the past 10 years. Regardless of price, I hated them all.
This is the first GPS that I’m keeping. This is a great unit for reducing traveling stress.
The 5″ size is perfect. Just like Goldilocks, a smaller screen would be more difficult to see, any larger would block vision and wouldn’t fit into my pocket. This is just the right size.
I considered an iPad3 with the navigation app but I felt it was too large and I’d have to mount the iPad below the windshield making driving more dangerous.
Installation and updates took me about 70 minutes from the time I opened the box to the time I downloaded all the maps for North America and updated the unit.
*** What I really like about the unit ***
All major exits have actual photographs so you know exactly what lies ahead of you. As an example, the photo of an exit showed two big electric towers and trees which was exactly what I was looking at.
Lane assist. The unit tells you which lane you need to be in. Some exits on interstates are on the left. When I was driving in the far right lane in heavy traffic I wasn’t able to change lanes fast enough so I had to drive miles before I could turn around.
Voice command: I’ve had units with voice command in the past and the responsiveness in noisy vehicles were awful. This one works extremely well.
I say “Voice command. Home” and it works. “Home” and “Go home” works but “Go Home” is more reliable. When entering an address, speaking in a normal conversational voice works much better than trying to speak robotically.
More reliable maps. When I received the unit, the year old Whole Foods store wasn’t listed. After the map update, the store was listed. My old Garmins didn’t list major locations that were 5 or 10 years old.
Free lifetime map, 4 times/year! My Garmin from many years ago was a money pit due to the expensive yearly map updates.
Screen is very responsive to touch. Probably on par with an iPad.
If you put your finger on the satellite bars for several seconds, a screen with all of the satellites and their reception strength appears. I found this by experimenting. I didn’t find this feature in the documentation. The most accuracy possible is 10 feet. If you’re obtaining a much weaker signal and accuracy reduced to 100 feet, then don’t expect timely instructions.
POIs have the phone numbers so I can call to see if they’re open or make reservations.
Display and speaker volume are automatically adjusted depending upon the ambient light and noise level.
Variety of dashboards. Choose the dashboard style that suits your need. I chose the non-default dashboard since I prefer more information.

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